Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My big project and a prayer request

Dear friends:

First of all to all of you who believe in God's healing power, I just read in Stephanie's blog " A whispering house"  that her pastor's son 16 year old was diagnosed with leukemia and taken straight to chemo.
She is asking for prayers, and I am asking all of you go to her blog and encourage Stephanie.

Now, to my baby project:

Here is the big baby:
Here is the first chair, very 60's I got all six of these babies, lots of work???

Look at the details in bright bright green awful color

nice details

more details in the bright green, the upholstery and the canning are perfect, they need the shabby chic touch?? white, and grain sacks upholstery, ( I have to tell you a big secret about the upholstery, sh sh, don't tell anybody, tomorow you can)

pretty legs???

I'm very impatient, cann't wait, so one coat of good old white, ah!!! much better,

Cann't wait forgot to fix these, ups, you can tell that I'm not that good at painting, fixing chairs, etc. however, there is hope for the baby.
mini tags for BABY
sewing kit treasures, lots of old old things
Americana Collection ticking inspired drawer pull
Americana collection ticking inspired drawer pull
rubber ducky BABY tags
Two vintage blue suitcases,  SOLD

Okay, one option, a blue line sack, what a difference, but what a big job.
Back to work,

just wanted to show a few things I listed on my shop

Well, there are more listings but I didn't want to fill blogland, you can see everything on twitter, and facebook also, or go directly to my shop  a collection of items
handpicked, recycled, painted, handmade, vintage inspired, made with care and love.