Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

To all my followers and dear friends, Happy Easter.

Red-and-blue Easter table setting

Floral and egg centerpiece

Easter breakfast table setting close up

Now some easy crafts to keep you busy this Easte

Exquisite Eggs

The secret behind these botanical beauties? CL contributing editor Jodi Kahn used temporary tattoo paper ($19.95 for five 8 1/2"W x 11"L sheets;
Step 1: Begin by downloading free images from and
Step 2: Arrange them in a Microsoft Word document, resizing each to fit on an egg.
Step 3: Print the images on tattoo paper, cut them out, and adhere to blown-out eggs, following package instructions.
The best source for colorful, pre-blown eggs: (from 85 cents).

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embroidered eggs

Ukranian artist Forostyuk Inna stitched up these goose eggs, but the funny thing is that no one on the Internet seems to know just how it was done. (The commenters on Sublime Stitching have some great theories, though.) I don’t know that I’ll be attempting this method, but the intricate and colorful work does make me want to step up my Easter egg game a bit.

What’s your favorite egg-decorating technique? Or are there any that you’re thinking of trying for the first time?

[Via: Svpply]

Glue Moss to Letter

Preheat hot glue gun. Once hot, apply glue to chipboard letter in small sections (Image 1). Immediately press moss into hot glue and hold in place until glue cools (Image 2). Repeat until the entire surface of letter is covered, including sides (Image 3). Tip: Don't insert moss inside holes for letters like "A" or "R."

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  • Enjoy your Easter decor,