Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Antiques and children do mix.

Hello friends:

This post is about antiques and children.
I used to take my girls on "antique field trips"
okay, get a few snacks and a day of fun. AWe stopped at every shop, garage sale, and loaded the car.
Consequently our home had a baby grand antique
piano from Chicago,  a child's high chair (oak),
tons of antique chairs, bureaus, mirrors, and more.
My youngest was 2 and my oldest was 5 so, to them it didn't matter, they loved the old stuff.

I was reading Veranda and there is an article about
collecting and kids.

She comments that a scratch here or there gives the antique character LOL

Francesco Lagnese

Let kids’ bedrooms grow with them.

As cute as baby rooms are, they usually aren’t too practical. Williams suggests planning a room that can fit the child’s needs so you don’t have to completely redecorate every few years. “For toddlers, try to have as much floor space as possible—they play with toys and do everything on the floor, so they’ll want room to roam,” she says. “Older children tend to prefer trundle beds or bunk beds—basically anything that makes it easier to have sleepovers.”

This is a great article for inspiration and for ideas on how to decorate with beautiful antiques and still be "kid friendly"  You can read the full article on "veranda" on line.

Great ideas,



Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chalk paint...

Hello friends:


Provence + Greek Blue + Old White
A beautiful color by the talented Annie Sloan.
Look at this gorgeous picture.  Love this paint.

Check her blog for more colors from the streets and houses of Cuba.

She knows and has a great aptitude for color.

Have a happy Sunday, gone to find some "junk" to paint, my favorite
hobby is to mix colors and paint.



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A bit of goodness

Love chippy, rusty, beautiful goodness.

love this couple, they set up at great markets all over the USA.

Check this gorgeous chest.
Melonie and Dave from the Seedbox Antiques have impecable taste, Dave makes lamps and zinc top tables.
This is how Melanie set  up in Kansas City.

Make sure to check their blog. Lots of fun,



Katecreativesalvage: I love you more...

Katecreativesalvage: I love you more...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The best projects of 2012

Hello friends:

A Happy 2013 to all my followers and daily readers.  I thank you so much for your friendship and love for all antique, vintage, shabby, rustic decorating with a touch of country modern.

I hope I have inspired you this year with my finds, projects, photos, vignettes, and home projects.

Our home is our refuge from the outside forces that impact our minds daily.  When we get home, everything feels better.
Our cozy rooms, a warm fire, a cup of hot chocolate, our homemade projects, it all contributes to make us feel better.

This year had a lot of sadness for our nation including the latest tragedy of our little school angels in Newtown Ct.  We were all touched by the stories behind the
sad story of a young teenager and his mom horrible ending.  We all felt for the young teachers and children, but for me personally, I thought a lot about how poorly we treat mental illness in our country.  It is all around us everyday, they are homes like the sad home of this young man everywhere, and we don't even know it.  I pray for a safer 2013.

Now to the best projects of this year.  This was by my followers:

Number 1  the beautiful table and desk that I painted with three colors of ASCP  and it took me forever, about three weeks to finish.

I made these lamps, and others, they are gone in a flash, I'm making one for my living room, they are so beautiful, I want one in every room.  Customers love these lamps.  You liked this item very much.

one of my favorite finds, a handmade rustic bench just gorgeous wood.

lots of mirrors, they are all sold!!

my handmade all original tin tiles from an old house.  It took me a week to glue them and paint them, I will never sell it!!!!!

My first french grain sack pillow with a down stuffed insert and mother of pearl buttons.  NOT FOR SALE

My french desk, NOT FOR SALE

Another Mahogany desk, NOT FOR SALE

My chalkboard frame, real, real old.

One of my many antique original wreath, my daughter helped me, so many pages!!!!! of course sold.

One of my famous rose antique page book wreaths, all SOLD

My chairs cane and antique grain sacks NOT FOR SALE

My most wanted kn ob original antique lace covered knob, all by hand, this is very popular on Etsy, customer love them.

More knobs...

More knobs...

Antique decoupage shades, very good seller.

Antique chandeliers, all sold out, hard hard to find.

Number 2:  The little french desk, I'm sorry I sold it before I finished it, I will never find another one, !!!hard to find.

from this to this best paint job I have done.

Number 3:  My rose wreath.  So hard to make 150 roses of antique
book pages.  Its also gone.

Number 4:  My new lamps made of vintage items, mason jars, kitchen bowls, so labor intensive but beautiful.

These are some of the favorites by you my readers and my faithful customers.  Hope this year I can double my projects, I will try.

Wishing you the best and remember DREAMS DO COME TRUE, so DREAM BIG
in 2013.\

xo  martha