Monday, April 2, 2012

From trash to treasures

Hello loveliest:

I love junking, and trash treasures, I just got this at the curbside.  A gorgeous piano bench from the 60's

love the fabric very antiquish,  it will replace my piano bench, and I will
refurbish the old bench as a coffee table,  don't you love it!!!!!

happy curb junking, its free.

Flea Market Finds by Matthew Mead

A great book with lots of ideas, enjoy the inspiration.

“I have always collected vintage gilded items. There is a warmth and glimmer about accessories with a touch of gold that make an interior feel a bit more sophisticated and special. In my new book Flea Market Finds we celebrate classical decorating with a story titled “Greek Revival” which highlights items that have been embellished with gold to feel like relics of the past.

An easy way to “get the look” is to find simple but detailed shapes at the flea market and revive them with gold leaf paint. I gather a mix of hues at the crafts store and then go about adding age and patina to flea market cast offs.

Easter is coming and I always think of “the golden egg” so why not add some gilding to the dining table by gilding a classically shaped urn. We found two sizes of urns at a floral supply and then used several paints in a process that creates an aged, vintage patina.

Cover your work surface with craft paper and work by an open window to reduce the odor from the metallic paints.
There are many types of gold leaf and gilding paints at the crafts store… among my favorites are Liquid Leaf and Rub ‘n Buff. I begin by lightly brushing each of the pieces with Liquid Leaf.

I apply it in sparing amounts with a foam brush and allow it to dry between coats. Apply two coats and let it dry fully between applications (about ½ hour for each). Once fully dry I apply a layer of Rub ‘n Buff and work the paint into the surface of the urn with a soft rag, allowing it to dry for at least one hour.

Lastly, I use metallic pigments in multiple shades to rub over the finish to create depth and highlight the details of the urn.

The small urn makes a perfect perch for a hard boiled egg embellished with a letter sticker. Simply fill the urn with natural excelsior and top with the egg. Add flower blossoms like apple or cherry for a final flourish.
This is a great book, go to to order yours today,