Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MY Chalkpaint projects and " the earthquake" in the East Coast

I replanted a few of my favorite plants into old silver plate containers.

I potted a few into my blue Atlas jars.

An old pitcher, and a sugar bowl from the "Good Will" store

It looks pretty inside the silver plate tray
I didn't get to complete the antique door due to the "earthquake"
in the East Coast.  Everyone was afraid in Boston, everyone is fine, just a bit afraid due to the fact that they are rare around here.
I was near the ocean, but the cell phones didn't work for a while, but we didn't feel anything. I hope that all my readers and followers from Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and Canada are fine. We just never know when something like this is coming, this one was a real surprise around the entire East Coast.I pray that you are all okay. 

Back to the "magic paint"



I found this on an Architectural Digest magazine, the blue is very similar to my door. I thought it is very nice against the black and white .

After the "earthquake" news, we all stocked up with water and supplies in case things happened again.  I did a little decorating, just to re-group, I call it "decor therapy" , I got this idea a while back, I can't remember if it was a magazine or a blog or somewhere, here is my version.

Sorry about the upside down post, blame it on the horrible "earthquake" affecting our area.  It did make us a bit nervous, a lot of people didn't think it was an earthquake, if you are on the 15th. floor or on a train getting home, you don't know what is going on, unfortunately in this time we all think its the worst. My family is okay, but I hope we have a little warning next time. I heard about it from someone who was standing next to me in line, they were on their iphone. We all headed home and fast.

Blessings to all of you,