Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas is here!!!!!!

December 1, 2011

Christmas is here friends, baking. decorating, the tree, the mantle,
wrapping gifts, visiting friends, parties, just enjoying family and
friends, celebrating and enjoying this month.

Most of us are busy decorating the house.  It takes time, and effort
to decorate homes, the front door, put our Christmas lights outside,
open our ornament's boxes, create the magic of Christmas.

I hope you enjoy this month, and have fun doing the traditional activities with the kids, and family.

A little inspiration to keep us going:
Image Detail
Source: Country Living  love the simplicity and elegance.

Martha Stewart, just lovely and unique
Mary McDonald,

Image Detail
I love the arrangement, simple and elegant, not too much, but enough,
stick to the design rules, sometimes the rules do work.

I always look at decorating for the holidays from the point of view of someone who doesn't live in an home that allows for a full size Christmas tree. So I've been collecting inspiring images of tabletop tannenbaums that are perfect for smaller spaces. Martha Stewart (above) is full of ideas for these types of trees but I have found a few more that are just as beautiful. Enjoy!

Image Detail

Hope you love the inspiration, Martha Stewart and other designers, please email me
your pictures and I will publish them all in my blog.  Enjoy the decorating, and Christmas fun.
Make sure you "chill", this is the season to decorate, get and wrap gifts, eat great dinners, and desserts, enjoy friends for a hot taddy, or a glass of wine, and RELAX by the fire, enjoying your decorations, the tree, and your family.
Kids love traditions and it should be all about them.  Making cookies, decorating the Christmas cookies, making ornaments, simple for the kids.
Its all about children, they grow so fast, you need to enjoy it.  You will have time to shop for antiques, and all, you will have time to remodel the house, but children do grow up and that time will not return ever.

blessings this Christmas