Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New friends

A warm welcome to all my new friends, I hope you enjoy the blog and, leave me some "love" comments.

Speaking of comments and followers, blogger is having problems again, I can read the comments, but I saw some of the followers the other day, and tonight they are gone (pictures) again, are you having the same trouble????

Anyway, we are having a "heat wave" for us temperature in the 80's and 90' with humidity is very very hard.  They said, one more day, and relief will come on the weekend!!!!

Some more pictures of the great shelf, as you can see it is very chippy, I like it, but I thought of repainting it, but I am not sure.

If you can see the background of the picture, I have a french huge grain sack.
Its so thick and pretty, I don't want to destroy it to make a pillow or reupholster a chair.
I thought about it, but these sacks come from Germany, France, Hungary, Romania, Belgian.
I heard that the gypsies go to the farms, and bring them to the buyers, they sell them for very little money in Hungry, then here in USA are going for lots of $
Does anybody know anybody selling these beauties for less than $50.00 and up please let me know.
They are very pretty and the latest "trend"

these knobs are the cutest??
I just made them last night in my spare time ha ha!!
like if we all have extra time,

love you all