Saturday, May 5, 2012

New ventures, new dreams...

Hello Friends:

It is so much fun to accomplish dreams. My humble beginnings are growing.  I started selling vintage and antiques a while ago.  Things went very very slow.  I decided to make some items for my antiques. Thus the handmade knobs, pulls and tags. I also made lots of chalkboards, and other small things for the home.

It is a humble beginning, but the dream is alive.  This is what counts.  I decided to bring some items to my blog for sale.  Please email me with any questions, or custom orders.  I handmade all tags, knobs, chalkboards, and other things.

Please order with confidence, and you will love the knobs, they look beautiful, and I can customize them to add to your decor.

Enjoy the shopping:  Go to "For sale" page and have fun.  More items coming soon including some surprises.



Some pictures for you to enjoy:
Pinned Image

Beautiful night table.

Southern Living, what a cheerful space.
love the chalkboard!!!!
Chalkboard decal,  great idea!!!!!  Home Goods
Pottery Barn, beautiful red accents

love the chalkboard, rug, from the "Nester"

Martha Stewart

Pottery Barn, beautifully simple

Pottery Barn  very cute !!!!!!

Country Living,  great pans.

Country Living Magazine

New York Times  great idea!!!!

Country Living Magazine

I hope you enjoy the post, cute chalkboards for sale coming up, keep looking at the "For Sale" page.
I'm busy making cute chalkboards, and some big ones also.



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