Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My favorite posts 2011

Hello friends:

It seems that we are all looking back at our favorite
posts, tutorials, finds, and more.
I took a tour of my favorite blogs, house tours,
designers, tutorials, and favorite posts.
There is an overload of pictures in every blog including mine. Some people decorated late, I did too, there is very little time for us, I enjoyed it. Oh well, its okay with me hope you enjoy the pictures.

  One of my favorite Christmas
living rooms is this one:

Holly Mathis is an amazing designer, with two little toddlers she created a beautiful living room for Christmas.

My favorite house No.2 is the beautiful Jennifer Rizzo, enjoy,

Another house is funky junk interiors, I love her house!!!

Here are some neat shower curtains by Bed and Bath, they come
in different cities, streets, and more, check them out,

more houses tomorrow,

love to you all