Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last minute Christmas is two days away ho, ho, ho,

Hello friends:

Last minute decorations, checking the list twice, making sure we didn't forget anything. I'm sure you
are  all done. I'm behind, really behind, oh well!!!
I stopped and dragged the old Bible out, opened it to the gospel of St.Luke, and read the story, reflected a few minutes while I sipped a cup of tea about why we (Christians) try to make this birth so special . I thought, as I was going through the pages (this Bible is dated 1860, it has the marriages, births, and lots of pictures)  I wonder how many people read this story at Christmas time, they were lots of children in the
family.  Anyway, I became reflective and emotional,
I felt so blessed that I'm a Christian and that Jesus was born in a simple manger, to forgive me a simple person, I felt so so good about Christmas. I thought of my faith, my wonderful upbringing, I thought of many years that we celebrated his birth in so many different ways. However, one thing unites us all, we celebrate his birth in a big way because we all know how wonderful God is, how real you can feel Him, so nothing is enough to celebrate his Son's birth. I don't think we do enough, its such a privilege to be a Christian and be a part of the celebration. Here are the pictures of a few corners of our living room. I'm trying to decorate with pine cones, real bits of pine, sheet music, a handmade old old sheet music wreath,
an antique Bible, and candles.
To me Christmas is being with family and, enjoy the closeness and love that we can only find in our time together. Hope you are all celebrating and many many blessings to you,
The Antique "heavy" Bible 1860  amazing!!!

and more pine cones, I'm sure you are tired of them, but I love them.
A simple natural vignette on my coffee table.

pine cones from the yard, and some branches.

the mantle, huge pine cones, and ornaments

I had these huge fat pine cones for years, I love them!!!