Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great Stylists

How to display our collections:

We are lovers of antiques, used books, brown paper, scissors, bottles, frames, spools, twine,
pictures, old candelabras, antique pictures, tools, old rusty scissors, old suitcases, quilts, french chairs, stools, handmade pillows, flour sacks,coffee sacks, cameras, and more, more, more.
Have you ever called a "hoarder", or maybe borderline, oh yes, I've called that and worst. But
relax, there is hope, we can keep our treasures
in a way that we can enjoy looking at them, and
we don't give the appearance of a "hoarder".
Pay attention to these shelves, its a lot of small but beautiful treasures.
I love my "stuff", but I hide a lot of things when company arrives, because of the "hoarder stigma"
Too bad, my home is my only refuge and I like to 'look at my painted furniture and my treasures.

A great NY Stylist tells us how she deals with this

Eccentric??  oh yes, how many people you know that hang old feathers on their walls, LOL
She style and designed the famous hotel "

This is the entrance to her store in Sydney.

Love the books, and some people would call
 these wall "clutter"  Beautiful

Sybella Court is the author of a wonderful book "Etcetera"  gorgeous rooms with
style.  and she wrote another book "The stylist guide to NYC"  it comes out in August, a little preview:

This is the most beautiful shop I have ever been, she changes her theme every few months, and
its so so well done, you just want to live there and stay, not only shop.

This is a combination bedroom/living room/library.

Her bedroom

Clutter ???? or beautiful collection????

Hope you enjoyed these talented stylist shop and home, and don't be afraid to collect treasures, life
is beautiful when every item in your home has a little history and character,


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imsteelefullofscrap said...

I am a hoarder right along with you hope we get intervention together lol