Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Downton Abbey

ILady Mary love the PBS series, lots of 
DYI projects now that the season is over.

Write to me and tell me if you like the show and the decor.  I found this on Etsy, lovely drawing of Ms.
Lady Mary by Kelsey.
Source: Pinterest

Remember the maid?

Source:  Julie Campbell

Downton Abbey. Brought to the US by PBS Masterpiece Theater.



Monday, February 27, 2012

Chalkboards, the big trend ....

Hello my friends:

Thank you so much for your comments about Whitney.  I love to hear her voice so much, its an extraordinary sound, no other singer is so powerful.
I'm sorry, but I miss her a lot. Thank you for understanding, but music is so important to me. I love
good singers and artist.

Now, to the juicy staff, DECOR,  I have done lots of chalkboards, I just finish a small one for a customer. Its done on a 6 by 6"  ceramic tile, and it sits on a nice stand, great for weddings, or small parties:

This chalkboard  is very large, this is an antique frame, I had the frame for years. I painted with ASCP  waxed it and distressed it, then I bought a piece of plywood at Home Depot and attached it with nails to the frame, oh I forgot'
I painted the plywood piece with chalkboard paint from Michaels with the coupon of course. I attached a large piece of wire to the back to hang  the frame, since it had a very very old piece of wire.  Then I bought the "famous markers" at Michaels with the coupon again, I was so upset with the markers, they look beautiful when you write with them but they are very very hard to erase.  So I switch to regular chalk.

This is another old old frame I had in my basement for about five years, all of the sudden I painted it with ASCP and did the same process as the other one, its large and the details are so so beautiful, I didn't distress this one because I like the white crisp look.  A friend came over and its gone, so fast.  I used the markers and she tried very hard to erase it. I read on one of the blogs that you can use "cola" to erase the markers.

Very old frame a little crack, but it adds character to the chalkboard.

These are little chalkboards for your coffee table. I sell them and also gave a lot of these as Christmas presents, last year.

This little chalkboard is very cute, just for little messages, or directions to a table,
weddings, etc.  They take a while to make because you have to add cork to the back, it takes a long time to dry.
You need at least four coats of chalkboard paint, spray or with the brush, then you have to run chalk all over to cure them.
The little stands are from Pier One.

Oprah has this beautiful chalkboard by the Dana

Here she is, I'm going to try to do a little design on one of my chalkboards.

This is a great idea for a laundry room.
Here is a video on vimeo for you to watch her in action, so interesting.

Cute wedding chalkboards

by Reveries Unfolding Blog

This cute idea from "Design Sponge Blog"  one of my favorite blogs.
Chalkboard paint comes in different colors now, so beautiful.

A chalkboard and a magnetic board all in one.

Have fun with chalkboard paints,


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inspiration Mondays and more...

I made a vignette, love old suitcases.

The sweet little trunk is gone, the wreath is very very big,  30" by 30"I made a smaller one also for  another room.
Dear Friends,

Inspiration and some handmade items,

Great room!!!!!

Love the books on this room, so cute:

Vintage Kitchen

What a cute kitchen, a vintage for sure.

And this, is the best!!!!! a yellow stove,

Vintage Kitchen
So vintage and so hip, I can't remember the source,


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Louie Giglio Mashup of Stars and Whales Singing God's Praise

Dear friends:

Watch this video, this minister sings with the whales, totally inspiring
he is so on with reality, it blew me away.

I hope you enjoy it as well,



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great Tuesday in the NE

We are having such a nice winter, its really like
Spring around here, a big change, love the sunshine,
the warm temperatures, and the blessings.

One of my favorite colors is Aqua, and I found some
inspiration for us:

Love the Seltzer bottles in a beautiful aqua color.

Grate iron bed!!!

love the rug and the chairs in brown, these chairs look good, but they are very uncomfortable
to sit on, trust me!!!!!
Valerie Orno, designer
House and Garden

Enjoy my favorite colors, what are yours,


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blessings on Sunday

Hello my friends:

What a week!!!! A lot of mixed feelings about our
friend Whitney.  We will miss her, unfortunately she
was crying for help with her addictions. I believe in treating addictions like we treat other diseases, like Diabetes, cancer, etc.  Without treatment people with addictions get worst and died.
She showed signs the day before of a very dark turmoil by excessive drinking and behavior by the pool according to the news.  However, people ignored the signs.  People do not behave like that
unless they are very very sick.  I can't believe that her helpers stylist, hair and make up, drivers, maids,
restaurant workers, anybody in that hotel didn't come to help her before she died.  I felt very bad about her daughter since she had to be the adult in the relationship.  I hope she holds on to the good memories of her Mom.

Thanks for your comments about Whitney.

On to another topic.

I had a great time at our monthly craft class. The girls are so talented, we made lots of paper crafts, laugh, and just had a great time. I find this group very relaxing.

Do you belong to a craft group?? Do you get together and craft? Its more fun to do it with friends.  Our teacher is so sweet and talented. I experimented with glitter from MS I made a butterfly card from a MS kit.  Personally, it was hard because Martha Steward
likes to mix her glitter to make shadows.  I finished it but I of course didn't mix it as good as the model.
The glitter is super fined, and I had it all over. Oh yes, I used her little tray, brush and all, still, I made a big
mess.  Sorry I didn't take a picture, but I will soon.

This is just so cool, this Designer does baby furniture  His name is David Netto,so awesome.
Inspiration:  Children's rooms
This is a beautiful girl's room, Katie Curic hired the famous designer Karen Reisler for her daughters, just so pretty!!!!

Get the look Decor at Love the antique easel.  You can buy all of them at Etsy.
From his Loui collection, so Modern Baby just beautiful.
Get the look, Decor

David Netto
You can find more at this website: mcclaren
His furniture and toys are on the high end!! but worth it.

Now Etsy has lots of beautiful accessories for your kids room, check this out,



    Saturday, February 18, 2012

    Good Bye Whitney

    What a beautiful inspiring tribute to Whitney Houston.  I pray for the familyt
    for comfort for her daughter, and for God's grace to help them during
    this hard time.

    The service was beautiful and I loved to hear the artists, the choir, she is listening
    and rejoicing in heaven.  Her pain is gone, finally she is at rest.


    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    We lost a great artist...

    Dear friends:

    A beautiful sheet music wreath, with 32 Hits From
    Broadway, like "Baby is cold outside", "In My Arms" and more.  I just made this huge wreath, it measures 25" in diameter.  It has over 200 pages, just something for a music room, living room or bedroom.
    The book is old and I still have lots of pages left.

    The world lost a great artist, Whitney Houston, an incredible singer, we pray for her daughter and family.  A real tragedy, listen to some of my favorite
    songs on my playlist,

    Have a great day


    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Happy Valentines

    Happy Valentines to all my friends.
    I wish you a great day full of love.

    Now for some inspiration:
    Let's decorate our home for the celebration, I love the holiday. I already made a lot of handmade cards with my friends at "art class" last month. We used "Martha" border cutters.  It was a challenge, not easy.
    I will post some pictures of my handmade cards. Of course, I made lots of pretty tags for gifts, hearts, cupids, french words, and just I love you,

    I made lots more buy they will go on another post.


    Elan Klein  great photographer