Wednesday, May 15, 2013


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Tutorial: How to paint Mason Jars

Tutorial:  How to paint Mason Jars (inside)


You will need:

1. A mason jar

2. Valspar’s sample paints from Lowes

Step 1:  Make sure your jar is clean and dry.

Step 2:  Pour a bit of paint inside your jar, not too much, you can always ad more paint.

Step 3.  Close your jar tight, then swirl it around slowly until the entire inside of the jar is covered.

Step 4:  Open your jar and turn it upside down on a piece of newspaper, and dry overnight.

Step 5:  Your jar is done, use as many colors as you want.  You can use it to store a lot of pens, pencils, brushes, rulers, etc.

As a flower vase, use a small paper cup and fill with water, arrange your flowers and put it inside the jar.

Make sure you don’t spill water. Valspar's has a lot of beautiful colors.  You can mix and experiment with the paints.  Have fun.  I made three jars of mason pint size, and one of a quart size.

Hope you try this great way to display your jars.
The "callas" came from Trader Joes.


Mason Jars Tutorial

Tutorial:  How to paint Mason Jars (outside)


You will need:

1. A mason jar

2. A small brush

3. ASCP paint Louis Blue

4 A sanding block



Step 1:  Make sure your jar is clean and dry.

Step 2:  Paint the outside of your jar with your favorite ASCP color. I used Louis Blue (my favorite)

You will probably do a couple of coats.

Step 3.  When dried, sand it in different places with the sanding block, very gently.  Voila! You are done.

Step 4.  Fill with water and your favorite flowers. I used “callas” this time.  You can store pencils, brushes, scissors, the sky is the limit.

Note:  The ASCP doesn’t need a primer so its super easy and fast.



Hello Friends:

A busy week, I'm on a short trip South (family business) and one or two flea markets.  I hope to do a little bit of "antique flea market shopping" in a new territory for me.  I hear Florida has great markets.  I'll take pictures and post on my trip for you.

As you know the "Antique Flea Market " season starts with the biggest market in the world, "Brimfield"  over 6000 vendors set up in this country little town in Ma.

I had been there two times once as a vendor and another time as a visitor.  The best market is now starts on Thursday, you always see one or two movie stars, TV decorators, and all kinds of collectors.

It is an overwhelming market, but if you do what I suggest you will enjoy and find the rarest antiques in your life.  I hear this year is all about "industrial" and "mid century furniture".

1.  Wear comfy shoes.
2.   Take "grandma's grocery car"
3.   Wear a hat and sunscreen.
4.   Take rain gear, (NE weather )
5.   Take lots of small cash bills (bargain always)
6.   Visit first: the May market, and the oldest, be prepared to wait in line for at least an hour.  I saw Oprah and her entourage there. 
7.   Take a backpack carry water, nutritional bars and snacks.
8.   They have people that will carry big pieces to your car for a fee, so you can continue shopping.  Also the have a great mail service.

9.   Visit a few markets at a time, you cannot see it all in one day.  It pays to get organized and take pictures.  Try to go two days, then two days in July, and two days in September (great weather).

10.  Enjoy the people, dealers and amazing finds.

Have fun and let me know what wonderful items you bought.  This year is all about RH, PB, Wisteria, and of course chippy, cottage, Paris antiques.
great patina letters and more letters, have a wonderful time at Brimfield.