Monday, April 11, 2011

Beautiful painting, more news

I cann't stop admiring this painting.  In the back it says that it was painted by an artist, she adapted the painting from an original poster from 1894   for the "Century magazine" that is kept in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York city, in the "Vintage original posters"  can you believe it.  I have to visit New York soon.  It is just beautiful, well it was given to me by a couple who got tired of the painting,I say  thank you very much, I'll take it. I love art, I don't have any real paintings, just photos, so this was very good.

From trash to treasures? garage sales, and moving sales.


cedar chest

"Meghan"  I named her Meghan, she is so cute, she sits in your garden with flowers, she is all rusty, but wears cute shoes, this is for a deck, or a garden.

straight from the lobster boats, they are so rustic, and with the original ropes, great to decorate the deck.

this is a great mirror already painted and distressed, GREAT

look  at the flowers, I couldn't believe they were moving and this was very late in the evening, last minute sales.

This is an oil painting, great frame, its going in my office, I love it.  It was free, love that