Monday, June 27, 2011

Yard sales, and more

When I got there, they decided to close, so I left.
Can you resist a yard sale, I just drove to the market, and there was one yard sale after the other one, easy, just drive and stop, I went to three, scored on the last one only.I mean I didn't pay for the stuff, I got it for free when they were putting in back inside, and complaining that people didn't buy much, oh well, it happened to me, you get up early, arrange the stuff pretty, price the stuff, put out the signs, by the time it starts, you are so tired. Then the crowd begin to arrive, they want the stuff for very little, or you get someone who really wants the best item you have, and they are nice, and pay what its worth.
Then the stuff that you didn't sell goes back inside again.
You count the money, and really maybe you made a few dollars, but by the hour you worked for maybe 50cents an hour, oh but its so much FUN, you meet nice people, hear all kinds of stories, make new friends, and share likes and dislikes of your "antiques"  diy, vintage, and then junk, returns, gifts that you didn't want etc etc.

Write me back with your experiences, I love to read comments.

I stopped at the next one, all in the same street, the stuff was mixed, not shabby enough for me, left again,

Well, the mantle was sweet, but another lady got it first, too bad.

I got there too late.