Monday, February 4, 2013

Eye candy for a snowy Monday


It is a cold night here in the NE.  Tonight, I decided to look at some of my follower's, and some ot them have beautiful blogs.  But most of my faithful followers are females, however, I visited Mark who has a gorgeous blog and shop, never mind a "shaby, antiquish, junky,"  just LOVE the house.  I'm showing you a few of the pictures, he also lives in Ill. and I went to college in Kankakee, great junky memories with mPinned Imagey kids
looking for cheap antiques.

Here is part of his home:
Pinned Image

A lot of great vignettes in this shop.
Cute handles.

love the handles!!!

Mark does some beautiful furniture painting, see this beauty!!!

ROOM 363 at

Please go to his blog and enjoy the visit, you will love it. I will be looking at some other blogs and featuring you here, please grab a button for your blog, shop, facebook, and enjoy your Monday.