Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas decor, gift wrapping, stockings, and more

Good Morning and Happy Sunday:

We are all excited, the big day is coming, our homes
are beginning to get all decorated.
One of the things that I like is to open the boxes, and look at all the ornaments, decorations, and old Christmas cards.
I love o remember old times, I used to drive all night to get to grandma's house loaded with the kids, gifts, food, just the anticipation to see my parents was so exciting.  I remembered one Christmas I didn't have the time to wrap everything, my mom and I stayed up most of the night and we wrap together, talking, talking and more talking.
My parents loved Christmas, my mom loved the ornaments, the beautiful table setting, and great special menus.

Memories are so important, I have great memories of the holidays, and even thou now my parents are in heaven, I have my memories, pictures, and sweet
I believe that our love ones have some sort of connections with us here. I can sense sometimes this, maybe I'm dreaming, Merry Christmas Mom and Dad in heaven, hear the angels sing!!!!

Some inspiration, I'm working on my front door, back door, and coffee table, the mantle is just about done,
I'm adding one little music tree I just made.  Of course pictures are coming.

Happy decorating, one day at a time.

Enjoy your Sunday,

love you all don't forget comments