Friday, June 10, 2011

Decorating with Grain Sacks

Love the chair  from Mes Belles at Etsy,details,details, notice the cording, tufting,brass buttons on the bottom, absolutely beautiful, this one is sold, but she has the green one for $$$$ , love this, its time to learn to reupholstery, however, she made this, you cannot tell, it looks professional. Her prices are reasonable compared to a professional upholstery company.

Antique Grain Sack Bowl/Bag  love the bags.

love this from "junky style"

This is a different look,  from GinnyMae at Etsy, she does beautiful things, love it too.

Well, I invite you to grab a cup of coffee and go to the following sources, dream, dream and more dreaming. sells all kinds of grain sacks from Europe, the prices are in Euros, beautiful

Loodylady@ebay  sells the beauties, expensive but gorgeous grain sacks

Willow Decor blog shows the authentic German and French, some Belgian, she refers you to "the trunk"
great samples, high prices.

cgiebay  has Romania hand woven sacks  a few not too many.

In my humble opinion, and after talking to some wholesalers, they are overpriced here in the USA.  The ones that come from Europe, you really have to be careful, but if you take your time, they are deals at ebay, etsy, and all over blogland.
Perhaps you can get in touch with some of the bloggers from Europe, they are a lot of bloggers from Germany, Belgium, etc. not too many from France.  Be careful with the grain sacks from France, I know a dealer that spends six months in France and six months here, she brings them from the South of France, she buys them dirt cheap.  So, heads up.

Nevertheless,  WE LOVE GRAIN SACKS, if you do anything with them please send me apicture or email me, or a comment.