Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decorating with Paddles and Oars

Hello my friends:  I'm so glad you are visiting me, how was your 4th. hope you enjoyed family and good food, including fireworks.
Here in Boston we enjoyed the family, barbecue, marshmellows, pies, and the Boston Pops, and of course the sing along, and the fireworks.
It was a night to remember, makes you feel proud of our troops, and America.

Back to our routines, I thought today I would give my old paddles and oars a fresh coat of paint.  But before that I needed a bit of inspiration.
Here are some ideas, usually I put my in our family room and study, but I'm thinking bedroom, what do you think. Check the inspiration pictures and tell me in the comments session ( I love to hear from you) give me some new ideas please. I read all comments and I answered them.

Pottery Barn and Coastal Living

Emerald Cove  (simple and not painted)

Completely Coastal (long oars with leather)

Completely Coasal (clean)

Very different with the stars, lines, colors, cute
Completely Coastal  oars in the bathroom?
{Completely Coastal}

Cafe Cartolina (love the color)

Villa Cantina (Now this is serious oars and pladdles)

Coastal Living  (nack porch in blue) beachy.

Pottery Barn  (shabby and distressed, well done)

Lets share our paddles, do you have some?? do you decorate with paddles in the summer?

Next post, I have ideas on how to decorate the big boys, I have those two. Check tomorw.

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1 comment:

Amy R. said...

Great pictures! I love using oars too and I think they are very romantic and unexpected in the bedroom. I have one above the t.v. in my living room and love it there too.