Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Dreams and painting

Hello friends:

Sorry I'm late but in paint up to my ears, and nothing is finished.  Does this happen to you?
In the DYI world of ours, distractions are no good.
They get you behind and you end up with five projects at once and nothing is done.
This is my world for the last two weeks, everyday, I'm determine, positive, and enthusiastic and, want to finish something, but I'm lacking tape, paint, clay,name it supplies, the phone, the rain, the humidity.  Anyway, like Ellen says, I'm almost done with the chalkboard pots, one more coat, and they are out of this house.  I got a great tip in a blog, and now I cann't remember where, but its for getting the awful "antique" smell from suitcases.  I have a beautiful old old suitcase that smells so bad, everyday I take it outside in the sun, I tried febreeze, nothing, but today I found a new trick.
The blogger says this works magic:  get a bottle of unscented litter, pour the entire bottle inside the suitcase, close it, and don't open it for one week. At the end dump the litter in the garbage and your suitcase will never smell again.  WOW, I'm on to buy the litter because I don't have cats. 
Now, I know how to get rid of those smells that fills our basements with the great finds. Great tip now I have to find the author of the blog, LOL

Here is some inspiration and I'm going back to get
something finish today.  I found a great french desk to die for come back tomorow to see the picture. It is painted in blue and fully distressed!!!!! I couldn't believe it.  I'll show it to you tomorow on "great finds"

This is from Ikea, so beautiful love the color.

have a wonderful day