Friday, February 3, 2012

Collecting salvage

Hello friends:

Our shop is closed for a little vacation, it has been a very busy winter. It will open soon, I promise, with new salvage pieces and new recipes.

Collecting salvage is so much fun, the challenge of making something beautiful and useful again. I love
what people discard because they can't use it anymore, or is broken, shabby, rusty, ugly, in my head it can become a useful piece, just a coat of paint,
a pair of pliers or a hammer and nails, you know what I mean.  Everything has a purpose, don't buy new, just restore it. Start with a small project, and I promise you, collecting salvage pieces and items will be your new hobby.

june blog.JPG


Room Setting
The source is "

cool salvage serving piece .  Love the idea:  Serve your pop corn, fruit, cheese, on a n old piece of salvage wood, instead of NEW CHINA!!!!!

this is great in front of the ugly window scene, hide the next door apartment
with a stack of vintage crates, bottles, and architectural pieces, love these
Source:  Salvage Secrets (book)

The best apple crates or cranberry crates super organization, lots of room.
You need room for all your treasures, life is family, friends, and salvage
Romantic Rachel Ashwell love the cozy corner, invites reading,
sipping hot tea, listening to music, watching the football in the winter, and more....

Get up and get some salvage treasures,




Special 'K' said...

what an amazing place you have created here. Thanks for sharing. This is my first visit I will follow on my way out as I am sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you,I hope you will find the some time to come visit me some time. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

katecreativesalvage said...


thank you, thank you for your comment.
I try so hard and, I live for comments. I have a little shop at Etsy, and this blog. I love salvaging things and making things, wreaths out of old books and music sheets, and all paper craft. My style is basically new country shic, salvage...
I will visit you today, thank you again for the support. XoXo.