Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday everybody, already the middle of June??  Time goes so fast, so many projects, so little time.

Today I painted, painted, and more painted. I'm burned out of painting.  I did three benches, one, picture frame, and continue on chair No.1 remember the secret, well here we go I am not an upholstered, when I saw these chairs, I didn't think it was so hard, I thought, oh well I remove the seat, you know with the screws and just staple the grain sack.  Oh well, I looked at Miss Mustard Seed tutorial on re-upholstery and, I don't know??
Oh well, a neighbor gave me an idea, I don't know if it will look good, but I'm going to try it.

Well, tomorow I will show you the pictures of my MEGA PAINTING DAY,

Here are some new items for the shop, I know we have a winner, I cann't wait. I put a lot of love and TIME into the tags and knobs. I truly enjoy making them.

A very old cute trunk, bakelite handle and brass hardware, so adorable

1950's skates old and shabby rusty

I love you in French tag with little heart

Vintage old map of Boston coasters

the puzzle, this is an old map of the main part of the city, very nostalgic, and a conversation piece for sure.

I live by the beach so, I am crazy about shells, I started making a collection of shell's tags,

another tag for the collection

Thank you in French, I'm sure you know this was a request so I made a few, not easy to make.

This is it for today, hope to see you tomorow, for the painting marathon pictures. This is what I call since I usually paint very little, but I got inspired by blogland and all the furniture painters out in blogland.



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Room Designer said...

Good to know that you utilized your time by Painting all the furniture's of your house.