Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A beautiful day

Welcome Melanie, and all my new followers, its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Melanie is from the East Coast, a neighbor. I call everybody from New Jersey and north my neighbors, I feel sometimes I should live south of Penn. near Alabama, Mo, or west near Wisconsin, Oregon.
Blogland is popular all over, you meet so many people with the same interests like you, and, what I like is that they don't think you are crazy when you paint an antique, and then distress it so much, that it looks beautiful.  People that don't like shabby chic do not get it at all.

Anyway, here is my drawer, I painted with the chalk paint, then distressed it to death, I need to add the waxes, that is the project for today, but at least  half is done.
drawer painted with the chalk paint, then distressed, the drawer was green, then blue, then I painted blue again.  When I distressed it the original green showed up.

this is an old shelf, very chippy originally, I just sand it very carefully because I'm leaving the original paint. then I added the knobs with the numbers  I had three and sold them on Etsy this is the last one, very architectural and chippy

I left the original hardware, added my little tag (I'm obsessed with the tags)
 Thank you for joining my blog, and do visit my shop on etsy


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