Monday, March 21, 2011


Agree or disagree?

Please let me know, I see it everywhere what do you think?  I love the aqua color, but is it really the new "black" or is this just a trend?
Here is the printer's block, isn't lovely, chippy green paint, 25 cubbies, and a long space on top. Its 18" by 25"  appx. and it has already a piece of wire in the back for hanging.
You can see why I'm so excited about it.  I found it on the curb on Sunday.
It is for sale, on my etsy shop check it out.

I did a little craft, sheet music covered old fashioned clothepins, you can used them to decorate gifts, or for vignettes in your office, bathroom, kitchen, and many more uses.

Enjoy the goodies and have a great night, tomorow I will show you my gorgeous iron bed that I found, surprise surprise.  I'm planning to sand it and coat with poly, I am not going to paint it, I love the patina, and the rust. This is an oldie, watch the post tomorow, today, we had a rainy rainy, snowy day, I couldn't take pictures outside,

goodnight my good friends,



Jessica @ My World - Made By Hand said...

Personally...I think it's just a trend. Although...I will be redoing two dressers in black with turquoise accents soon {more black than turquoise}.

Amy R. said...

I am loving the turquoise! I have painted a few things in my home that color, but just accent pieces that I can redo easily. It is probably just a trend, but I am loving it while it lasts!