Thursday, October 14, 2010

I made the cute tag with a velvet ribbon, and a set of six french writing print?? Leave me a comment please

Very French!!! a set of french writing on pins, with a beautiful little white tag with black velvet ribbon,  Use them for a decoration on a gift, attached a picture to a lamp shade, or make a garland of your favorite pictures, postcards, etc etc.   These clothespins have so many uses, I use them in my office, at school, everywhere. Hope you like them.  Please leave me a comment, thanks


Libbie said...

I just left a comment under you at Coco loves vintage & wanted to stop by & say hello since you are new to blogging. I hope you enjoy building your blog! It is fun to see what you are making!

katecreativesalvage said...

Thanks Libbie, I'm so new at this I'm trying, I love reading all the blogs, I just love the talent of everyone on the blogs, its so much fun, I especially like to reuse antiques, and items that people throw away, and paint them,
thank you for writing, can you become a follower? I promise to write at least three times a week.